Debt Logik is a leader in the acquisition and management of non-performing consumer credit portfolios. We are committed to providing a professional and top-notch customer service experience while assisting companies in resolving their bad debt.

Do you have unpaid older accounts just taking up space on the books? Are you looking to boost your revenue? We can purchase your accounts receivable to quickly provide you with the funds you need to overcome the negative obstacles affecting your bottom line. Let us help you enhance your business model with additional funds you thought were a write-off!


When all other options have been exhausted, companies are faced with a difficult decision regarding their receivables. While each business and situation is unique, selling off bad debt is often a better option for small and mid-sized companies.

Our Services

Debt Logik offers a range of professional debt management and collection services to help businesses recover unpaid debts and enhance their cash flow.

Collection Agency and Law Firm Outsourcing
Debt Logik outsources all collection activity to collection agencies and law firms, ensuring efficient and effective debt collection for clients.
Critical Data Point Analysis
Debt Logik reviews critical data points to select the appropriate collection agency and/or law firm in their servicing network, ensuring that the right agency is selected for each unique situation.
Vendor Due Diligence Examination
All of Debt Logik's vendors undergo a rigorous due diligence examination to ensure that they meet the standards of professionalism, honesty, and integrity in all business dealings.
Compliance with Industry Standards
Debt Logik abides by the standards of the Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act, ensuring that all debt purchasing and credit and collections are held to a higher standard.